Passionate about classic cars and the joy that they bring. Our goal is to help everyday people create amazing memories in the classic car of their dreams.

Finders Keepers Classics started off as a big dream in a small driveway of a Corpus Christi home. Parked outside that small home, was a 1975 Chevrolet Convertible which sold within a day of being posted to Facebook marketplace. From that moment forward, the rest was history.

Founder Jaron Jackson left his administrative role as a safety coordinator and began Finders Keepers Classics LLC. With his unique branding, marketing, and sales strategy, Jaron was able to reach clients from around the world. Partnered with his fiancé, Jasmin Escutia, who has a graduate level degree in business, they grew Finders Keepers Classics to a fully operated classic car dealership licensed by the state.

Today, Finders Keepers Classics continues to grow and has delivered the dream of owning a classic vehicle to hundreds of people around the world. Contact us today to get you into the classic car you deserve.

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